Surf Coaching Package

Riding a wave is one of the best feelings in the world! You’ve never tried it before or you have the basic skills and want to get better? Then our "Surf coaching for beginner to intermediate level" comes up to your needs.

This package has been created for beginner or intermediate surfers who want to improve their surfing skills with a daily 2 hours surf coaching session. It is an all-inclusive package. More details on what is included in a 7 -nights-stay, please see below.

Beginner Surfers:
You’ll learn all the basics about water safety, how to pop-up on a board, paddling techniques and proper stance for riding waves. After a decent introduction to those theoretical basics of surfing and security, you will be surfing in the white water. The main goal is to make you feel comfortable in the water. Maybe you even start catching your first green wave by end of your stay with us.

Intermediate Surfers:
As an intermediate surfer you can paddle out alone and stand reliably on the surf board. While feeling comfortable catching smaller green waves, you might still be having troubles in different spots and conditions. That’s where our certified instructors come in. They will help you to read waves better, work on your paddling skills and timing and will teach you on speed and positioning. Our coaching will take you out of your comfort zone and build up your confidence so that you will have more fun in the water and can move on to the next level.

We split the guests into groups depending on their surf levels. Photo feedback from your surf session is included for both levels.