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Surfing Taghazout:

Eigth things to do besides surfing

The Taghazout area in Morocco is famous for its excellent surfing. Constant swell, endless sunshine and a large number of surf spots within a few minutes drive make it a dream come true for any surfer. However, there are plenty of other activities to do when surfing Taghazout. That’s why we’ve put a little list together of what else you can do besides surfing if you’re spending your next surf holiday in Taghazout.

1 Learn How to prepare a real Moroccan Tajine

Dishes in Morocco are numerous but the two most prominent ones are doubtlessly “Tajine” and “Couscous”.  Besides surfing Taghazout you should not only eat one of the most famous meals in Morocco in our opinion, but also learn how to prepare a Tajine. Most of the Tajine variations are easy to prepare and all super delicious in both meat and vegetarian options. If you’re staying with Easy Surf Maroc, just ask Hicham for a Tajine cooking class. He will be delighted to show you how to prepare it in our kitchen.

2 Discover the Souk el had in Agadir

In Arabic, souk el had means “Sunday market”. It’s open six days a week (closed on Mondays) and normally very packed on Sundays. Though on Friday, a few stalls can remain closed as it’s praying day in the Islamic world. There is nearly anything that you can’t find on the souk in Agadir! From fish, to freshly pressed juices and fruits, argan oil products and spices to clothes or furniture. Jump into the Moroccan market experience and forget about time while tasting all kind of things and chatting with the friendly local vendors. It’s doubtlessly a happening for all senses!

3 Take a yoga class

Is there any better way to practice yoga than looking down the endless coast enjoying a sunset? Definitely not! Yoga makes you feel balanced and helps your body to leave all the tensions. There are many different classes and places in Tamraght or Taghazout where you can find all sorts of yoga classes. Even aerial yoga which is becoming very popular all over the world can be practiced near by our surf camp. For us, there is only one place, where we would love you to take your yoga class at: It’s the newly opened Tamraght Yoga Studio where you can get one of the best yoga classes while surfing Taghazout.

(P.s.: To have it all – book our Surf & Yoga package. At the moment, you can benefit from our summer surf deal. Learn more!)

Eight things to do besides surfing Taghazout_Easy Surf Maroc_Yoga

Join our rooftop yoga classes and enjoy the sunset after a nice day of surfing Taghazout.
4 Go on a Day trip to Essaouria, a picturesque town up north

Go on a day trip by car and drive all the way up the coast to the hidden gem Essaouira (it’s a 2 hours drive from our surf camp in Tamraght). It’s a peaceful and artsy Moroccan town which you will love from the first moment. The Medina is pretty small compared to other Moroccan cities, so you don’t have to worry to loose too much time to find your orientation first in the narrow streets, locals are very welcoming and friendly, and there are charming rooftop restaurants or cafés at the beach to watch the sunset before heading home.

5 Explore the stunning Paradise Valley

The stunning paradise valley is located just a 40 minutes drive from our surf camp. It’s a section of the Tamraght river valley in the beginning of the high atlas mountains. The valley itself is famous for it’s natural pools and waterfalls. If you’re brave enought, you can jump from the rocks in one of the natural pools, like shown in the youtube video. Source: Youtube, Simo Chioukh

6 Try Sandboarding

Sandboarding is quite similar to snowboarding and of course, also to surfing. Nevertheless, we didn’t want to avoid mentioning it here as we normally surprise our guests on our drive home from surfing in the north. We only have to bring an old board with us. Big fun is guaranteed!

Surfing Taghazout 6 things to do besides surfing Taghazout_Dune Surfing_Tamri Easy Surf Maroc

7 Visit the public Hammam in Aourir

Doubtlessly, this is one of our favourite activity which we recommend to all our customers, as for us, it’s the best way to discover the Moroccan culture! Don’t miss out on visiting a public hammam – a traditional bathhouse – and try the “sabon beldi” as well as the lava clay “rhassoul”.

8 Jump from the cliffs & enjoy this secret spot

Here, we can’t reveal too much as this spot is not on a surfer’s map yet. What we can say is that the following picture had been taken around 1.5 years ago on a beautiful evening when the sun was about to set. Who doesn’t want to jump into the Moroccan sea with a scenery like this?        Surfing Taghazout 6 things to do besides surfing Taghazout Easy Surf Maroc_Cliffjump

Most of these attractions besides surfing Taghazout, are included in most of our surf packages! We’re looking forward to welcoming you at our surf camp very soon.