Surf Spots Taghazout: Be spoilt for choice!

Our region is famous for its right hand point breaks such as Anchor Point, Killers, Boilers or Dracula’s. But due to it’s wide range of surf breaks, our coast is the perfect surfing area for all levels. It doesn’t matter if you’re a total beginner and are looking for beach breaks where you feel secure or if you just need our guiding package to bring you to the best hidden spots. Our local surf guides know all the spots along the coast by heart and will make your stay with us unforgettable. Here’s a link to a helpful map that shows all the nice spots around the Taghazout / Tamraght area. Some of them are in walking distance from our camp meaning that you can just grab your board and walk down independently – like Banana beach, which looked like this some weeks ago (Source: Instagram Easy Surf Maroc).


Surf Spots Taghazout listing (alphabetical order)

Anza: You will find Anza just outside Agadir when driving up the coast to Tamraght or Taghazout. And Anza is a blessing for our region! Even if it’s flat everywhere, you’ll find some waves to surf at Anza. At Anza, you’ll find several left and right hand peaks with the biggest on the left which ends up on a reef. As you’ll also find a large beach break, Anza is the perfect beach for beginners, too.

Anchor Point: Anchor point is one of the most famous Moroccan surf spots. It can hold up to 15ft and can become a long wave up to 500m. If you’re ready for it, you shouldn’t miss surfing this spot.

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Banana Beach: From our camp, you can just walk down to Banana Beach within 10 minutes. Banana Point is a long right hander which works best in low to mid tide.

Boilers: Boilers is said to be one of the trickiest breaks in our area wherefore we only recommend it to experienced surfers. It’s a very strong and fast right hander that ends on a shallow reef.

Camel Beach and Camel point: Here, a very long sandy beach is awaiting you with left and right waves. If it’s big everywhere, Camel Beach can be a good option as it’s sheltered by big rocks. There’s also a point break called Camel point which you can surf in low to mid tide. If you can surf it at the right conditions, you will for sure fall in love with Camel point (… as Nikki did on an empty day).

Desert Point: This spot is famous for it’s endless right hander, but it’s also a very inconsistent wave in the Taghazout/Tamraght area. Normally, it works well around 4ft combined with low tide. If you’re lucky, you can enjoy a ride up to 500m. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you!

Devils Rock (KM14): Due to it’s consistent waves, Devils Rock is mostly crowded. It’s our home spot which you can reach within only 5 minutes by walking down to the beach in Tamraght. This beach break offers right as well as left hand waves during mid to high tide. If you’re a beginner, Devil’s Rock is definitely your spot as it’s only famous for surfing in the whitewater and practice getting up on your board.

Draculas: You better don’t experience why this spot is called Dracula’s 😉 It’s said that it got it’s name from rocks in the water that look like teeth of a dracula. This point break is said to be one of the most difficult spots to surf in our area wherefore we only recommend it to experienced surfers. Maybe you’re lucky and Dracula’s will reward you with a barrel section.


Hash Point: Hash Point is located in the centre of the surfer town Taghazout. This fast right hander comes alive with medium to large swell.

Killer Point: Killer Point is the most consistent point break in our area. You can reach it by a short drive after Taghazout. If it’s working, you can only see it from KM14 or La Source. If the tide is low enough, you can have a stunning walk in front of the cliffs and then just jump in. If not, get ready for a long paddle session to the line up (10-15minutes). How you get rewarded for the paddling? With a looooong ride which can be up to 300m and maybe you also get some paddling sections. Oh yeah, we’re big fans of Killer Point!

La Source: This beach is located directly in front of an accommodation located outside Taghazout named La Source. The spot combines a sandy and a reef area. It normally works best when the tide is rising or falling.

Mysteries: Mysteries is said to be one of the world class spots you can find in Morocco. It’s a point break which is recommended for intermediate and experienced surfers. And as often on our coast, it’s a right hander.

Panorama Beach:  (Beach break, for all levels, for beginners only on high tide): Panorama Beach normally works for all levels, for beginners especially when it’s high tide. It’s located just before Taghazout. It’s a long beach which you can’t miss while driving up the coast in front of Sol House. Also Panorama offers right hand waves which can get really fast if you get lucky to surf it at the right time.

Tamri: If the forecast says that it’s going to be flat everywhere, just head up to Tamri, and you’ll get rewarded with a beach break for all levels. Furthermore, it’s a wonderful drive along the coast where you can see all the surf spots mentioned before. Enjoy the ride and fall in love with our coast!

Imsouane THE BAY and Imsouane CATHEDRAL (Beach break, for all levels): Imsouane is said to be a magical place where everyone can feel the magic surfing in front of stunning cliffs and a wonderful landscape. The bay works best at low tide and is said to be the longest ride in Morocco (600 meters are possible on a good day). All you have to do: Enter the bay near the lighthouse, ride all the way down to the end of the bay, walk back and get in again! After your surf session, you should buy some good fish at the local market or eat it at our friend’s restaurant in front of the light house. Just ask for Ferid and he will present you the fish options of the day.

KM11: This spot is one of the only left handers you’ll find in the area. You find KM11 just outside Banana town (Aourir) coming from Anza/Agadir.

KM12: KM 12 offers left and right hand wave. It’s a reef break which we often surf with intermediate surfers staying with us.